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November 27th

normal, for a night

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  • And now, said the professor, let us return to the long-house.
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    exchange alleyafter i do a walk thru of a bar and leave a girl chases me down.  i am all like hell yeahs; girls don’t approach me like that (outside of winnipeg.)

    that is not exactly what happened, but she appoached me after i was in the pub.  and we talked on the street corner.  i had no friends there, her friends hadn’t shown up, yet.  i had intended on going and writing, spending some time alone.  i did not really want to be alone, but with not certain people, and with live music.

    i played it cool.


    November 20th

    11 nights

    i only have eleven sleeps until i get on my first of 3 planes to get to india!


    November 17th

    chili taste off!

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  • today: what a day.

    work ‘went’ (for lack of a better word.)

    BUT after work i had dinner with my new family.  my third new family in manitoba.  the first family that i got to pick for myself.  family one is host family and accountabilibuddy, the program assigned them to me.  i am not complaining about who i was put with, but it was still out of my control.  my second family is my real family.  the ones that i share ancestral blood with (or married my relatives.)  my new family is different; they were not assigned by heritage or preordained program conditions.


    November 10th


    people keep asking me what i want to do when i finish cwy. and i don’t know.
    so i was thinking, what combines horticulture, photography and learning languages?

    the best answer that i came up with was to be a traveling flower photographer. (which would be seriously awesome.)

    my catch phrase would be “botanize this.”


    November 10th

    a good day

    i am having a good day.
    i just got a formal written warning.
    but i am still having a good day. i am excited about the play tour i am going on tomorrow. i am anticipating the group respect and goal talk.
    i am a few days past the third point in the program, and i have one warning. one out of a possible two. at this rate i will be kicked out of the program. i do not want that. and i think that this was a ridiculous warning to get. i understand why i got it. i understand that i had no choice.
    well, i had a choice. my choices were to not go out and have fun, but i did that. and i tried to get home. i really did. 2 cabs were called. 2 cabs did not show up. that is when i choose to stay where i was: inside, sleepy and warm. i thought, briefly, about walking home, but it was below zero out, and by the time i had given up on the second cab it was around 4am. the walk would also have taken me close to an hour.

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  • The first notes of the wedding march sounded, loud and sharp and full of triumph.
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    We should also note for what it's worth that the family in the late 1900s began to employ more and more Irish domestic servants, and these servants became for the Talamasca priceless sources of information How much they contributed to our vision of the family as Irish is not easy to determine.

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